Student: Ethan

Parent: Chris & Jolene

Ethan’s concentration has improved greatly. He has shown more confidence and leadership since he has earned his black belt.


Student: Samantha

Parent: Suzy

Samantha can have a tough time with respect. While at karate her attitude and respect have improved. She loves coming to classes and tournaments. Your school means a lot to Samantha and I. Thanks.


Student: Gabrielle

Parent: Susan & Stephen

Since Gabby has joined the martial arts program her confidence has grown especially in groups of people.  The structure of the classes has improved her ability to remain focused in all other areas of her life.


Student: Maxwell & Daniel

Parent: Corey & Stephanie

Maxwell has improved at his school work and is very enthusiastic about martial arts classes. Daniel has learned more self control and also is encouraged by his martial arts classes.


Student: Cody

Parent: Scott & Dawn

Cody can stay more focused. He has come along way since he started TKD. He loves going to class and wants to make everyone proud. We are proud of him.  Thank you Sanders ATA.


Student: Emma & Mary

Parent: Lisa

My children’s balance, coordination, and ability to pay attention and follow direction have all improved since starting at Sanders ATA. I would (and have) recommended it to friends.


Student: Luke

Parent: Terri

Karate is the first activity Luke has participated in that he has not complained about coming to practice. We have seen an amazing change in Luke. Luke’s self-confidence has increased so much he’s showing interest in other activities as well. We’ve also noticed that Luke does not watch as much TV as he did before starting karate! Thanks for all you do for Luke and all your hard work and dedication to karate. You all do a great job!


Student: Caleb

Parent: Trent & Becky

Big change in his confidence. Less timid about trying new things. Able to transfer “theme of the month” as well as other sayings from one steps to daily use.


Student: Nicholas

Parent: Mark & Suzie

Nicholas is very easy going and not very assertive, sometimes others could over power him. He has increased his confidence and has become stronger and better able to stand up for himself. His self discipline has improved and self esteem increased.  We appreciate the continuous positive encouragement you give the students. They thrive in a friendly supportive environment.


Student: Ethan & Shannon

Parent: Robin & Ed

My children have grown in the last year they have been in karate. They went from being clumsy kids to graceful red & brown belts. Thank you for the little extras that your instructors do.


Student: Wyatt

Parent: James & Sarah

Wyatt with no preschool or day care learning is having a difficult time with kindergarten this year, attitude, learning (knowing how) and especially discipline. Just the couple weeks he’s been seeing Master Sanders has already started making a difference with all these, home & school. Thank you!!


Student: Matthew

Parent: Tom & Mary Jo

Matthew really enjoys Taekwondo and thinks it is fun.  He has advanced in his public speaking skills and his comfort level around new people.  Matthew has also improved his flexibility. We like all the positive values that are taught. They reinforce what we are teaching at home. Thank you for all the Instructors.


Student: Bradley

Parent: Lexie

Bradley has only been attending for a little over a month and we have already seen an improvement in his listening skills. Everytime he does something well he wants us to “tell his Master!” It’s really great!


Student: Gabe

Parent: Stephanie

I did not get a chance to talk with you after class tonight, but I wanted to let you know that Gabe’s teacher talked to me today about your visit to their classroom. She was extremely impressed! She said she couldn’t believe how well you got and held the kids’ attention. She also likes your “sit like a Black Belt” and “walk like a Black Belt” and is using that herself!  She likes to remind them of this when they are walking in the halls. Thanks again for taking the time to visit their class.


Student: Noah

Parent: Karen

Noah had been to a previous Karate class. It was good, however, it was not age apppropriate. Noah became frustrated. We took him to Tiny Tigers which brought out his excitement and interest in Karate again. Being in an age appropriate class as well as seeing Master Sanders excitement, Noah has been wanting to practice his Karate! He can’t wait to go to class again! He is also learning leadership skills. He is wanting to take the initiative to help others with out being asked. We are discussing goals. As a parent and teacher,I feel that learning these leadership skills at an early age, will build a confident and charismatic adult.


Student: Dalton

Parent: Chris & Callie

This program does a good job of reinforcing responsibility, manners, good behavior and respect. It has also been great for reinforcing good exercise behaviors for young kids.


Student: Grant

Parent: Leslie & Josh

Grant’s listening skills have improved! Only after 3 weeks we can see a difference in his focus and attention.


Student: Gavin

Parent: Matthew & Molly

Gavin has become more responsible  for himself and his actions since starting Sanders ATA. He is increasingly more helpful, more independent, and more patient. Even his listening has improved.


Student: Cheyenne

Parent: Heath & Cindy

She is gaining self confidence and puts more effort towards many of her other activities including school and home.


Student: Kaci

Parent: Cheiree

Kaci’s energy level has increased as well as her desire to be up doing something instead of sitting in front of the TV. She also uses her manners more regularly.  Her confidence level has improved dramatically also.


Student: Tyler

Parent: Corena

I have seen some improvement in Tyler. He is more polite and helpful since beginning the class. I am so glad he is a part of this. I really believe it’s a great thing for the kids.


Student:  Jordan

Parents:  John & Daphne

This program has given Jordan so much more confidence. She no longer has to have her parents approval for everything, and now will make her own decisions.


Student:  Becky

Parents:  Michelle & Dave

Ms. Martin has taught Becky a lot in a short time about honest, doing your best, loyalty, respect.


Student:  Nathan

Parents:  Ed & Sharolynn

Nathan has improved in so many areas. The biggest change has been that Nathan is more independent and less of a follower. He makes good decisions and is showing better judgment in all areas of his life.

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