Fitness Kickboxing - The Warrior X-Fit Difference!


Feel better, look better and live better with our Warrior X-Fit kickboxing program. Based on the same movements from our traditional martial arts program, our classes combine strength training and cardio exercises that are done in a group fitness setting allowing you to celebrate your wins with your training partners. Each day features a special workout to keep your challenged, and focused on your fitness goals!


In addition to our regular classes, never miss a workout with the Warrior X-Fit innovative online fitness video program. Each fast-paced 20-minute workout video combines strength training and cardio in different daily workout videos that keep things interesting. Workout online anywhere with no special equipment! The Warrior X-Fit online tracking program helps to keep you motivated and celebrates your wins.


Earn a black belt in fitness with Warrior X-Fit!

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712-328-2884 or 1-877-605-5204

Sanders ATA Martial Arts


2703 E Kanesville Blvd • Council Bluffs, IA 51503

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